Hello friends of the shelter
Greyhound Blanche, another princess that we rescued, we regret the conditions in which she lived, in the hands of a hunter and greyhound, tied with a chain day and night, she was only free when they took her to hunt in this state of malnutrition, full of fleas, ticks, anemic.
The first days she was at the vet, I took her to my house and on the fifth day I was only able to bathe her, she continues to eat very well and rests comfortably. In a few weeks she will undergo sterilization surgery when her health allows.
The first photo of her reflects her face of pain, abuse, abandonment of her, her life began to change. Thank you all for the wishes of recovery, thanks to the people who donate and make her contribution to be able to continue maintaining the shelter and give the animals another chance. Unfortunately we have more cases of abandonment and abuse. We will send more updates shortly. Thanks for the support.

¡Thank you!

Nico – El Refu Animal Protection Society

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Greyhound Blanche, had the worst of lives, was on the way to death, tied all the time with a chain and in this one it is used for hunting.