Help us meet the goal, campaign for dog food in the field. We need 3,620 usd to reach the goal, any help is welcome

We need your help, these cases are far from the city, dogs that need veterinary attention, we do everything possible to bring bags of balanced food and antiparasitic..
We want to bring balanced food and hire a veterinarian with a mobile operating room for the treatment and sterilization of farm animals on site. 

It has an approximate cost of 4,000 usd, hopefully we can achieve it!! 

It’s cold and animals need food and attention

We need 3,620 usd to reach the goal, any help is welcome.

There are many animals in the field that need us.

¡Thank you!

Nico – El Refu Animal Protection Society

New link, shelter donation:

Unfortunately, in the countryside, far from the city, we find cases like her, totally abandoned to their fate. Help us with your support to go to the field to rescue animals and also sterilize them.