·  11/15/2020: Nico of El Refu shelter needs donations to help these puppies, and others like them. These puppies were found malnourished, and have heart and respiratory problems that need treatment and care. They have a debt of $2600 in caring for these animals, which they need to pay off as soon as possible. Fundraising has become much more difficult for them during this time, and they need help and support. 

·  1/1/2021: El Refu shelter needs your help. This shelter cares for many galgos in Argentina, and has recently been robbed of food, medication, and other vital supplies for the animals. Maria is an example of a dog that is in Nico’s care. He found her malnourished, scared of people, and very unhealthy. He is helping her to gain trust in people again, and build her strength. 

·  1/12/2021 (had to be deleted due to harassment from hunters): This boy was removed from an abusive situation, and is being treated by a veterinarian. He will need blood transfusions due to his anemia and malnutrition. The shelter currently has a debt of 2,800. Any help is welcome, as they are becoming desperate. 

·  2/16/2021: On Sunday, El Refu Shelter in Argentina was alerted of a dog run over by a vehicle. She is hospitalized, but she has a broken leg and cracks in other bones. She does not yet have a name, and they are taking suggestions! They need financial help to continue helping special cases like her, and to support the other dogs at the shelter.

(she was later named Nova)

·  3/7/2021: Dogs in Argentina are having a hard time.  Worse than usual because just like here in the US the country is in lockdown and charities can not fundraise as usual.  I know of one shelter in particular that is doing the best they can to help all the dogs, especially greyhounds. El Refu shelter has taken in many dogs at high risk, and is now in debt supporting them. The first photo shows Puppi, a gaguita with osteoarthritis that was abandoned in the street. They have given her shelter and veterinary attention. The second and third photos show Loli, who they are providing treatment for. She has many tumors, and the shelter has been caring for her. The last photo shows one of a few abandoned puppies that they recently took in as well to raise and care for.